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All sections are available for the 2011-12 orchestra, with auditions to be held between April and July.
we'll let you know details of auditions as soon as they're arranged.Successful applicants will be notified by post

All Instruments:

Prepare a short solo or etude (unaccompanied). Demonstrate mastery of 3rd and 5th positions on violin and viola and 1st through 4th positions on cello.

Please bring a copy of your music for the judges.
Approximate level of your piece should be equivalent to Suzuki – upper Book 5 and higher.

Know the following scales, which are to be played with separate bows:

Violin G major, A major, B flat major – 2 octaves.
Viola C major, D major, E flat major – 2 octaves.
Cello C major, D major – 3 octaves, and E flat major – 2 octaves.
Bass G major, F major, A major, E major – 2 octaves.
Woodwinds C major, F major, Bb major, Eb major, G major, D major and A major - 2 octaves.
Brass Concert F major, Eb major and D major, 1 octave. Bb major, 2 octaves. Chromatic scale 2 octaves from F concert (scales are all "concert")
Percussion Mallets play C major, F major, Bb major, G major, D major and A major - 1 octave

A short sight-reading piece at the Symphony Orchestra's level will be presented.